Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Suikazura No Retsu #5, World Championship Soccer


Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

As you sure have noticed the whole world is under the spell of soccer. In one of the commercials of Coca Cola they say something like 'why can't be the world always be like the world during the world championship soccer'. Maybe there's something in that were we can contemplate about.
Once in four years the world is one. Differences are falling away. For just four weeks the whole world is sharing their love for soccer with each other. It's awesome to watch all those soccer-games and see how the winners and losers hugging each other after the game. No differences, just different scores, showing the way to the final.
Soccer is like Honeysuckle, which spiritual meaning is 'searching the path to inner wisdom and the inner Self'. Soccer is just like that. All those soccer-players are on their own path to find their inner wisdom and inner Self. All are looking to find their path to the goal, to be the best. They will find their selves in the missed passes, the loss of the ball, missed goals and the lost game. Losing the game is not a joy. That we will understand, but losing the game opens your eyes to new ways, new paths to become better. Isn't that the same as we all do? As we are writing and sharing haiku we are all looking for the better, to learn more and make our haiku-skills better.
Every soccer team that will be knocked-out of the world championship will accept that. They have gained respect of the other. The respect of their country, and that ... in my opinion ... is just as good as being a winner ... they had the honor to be there to serve and honor their country.
It doesn't matter which country will become the new world champion soccer (of course I am a little bit patriotic and therefore I am hoping that my country, The Netherlands, will be that new world champion). All those countries present at the world championship soccer are winners, because they have brought the world together, for just four weeks sadly, and brought (in a way) peace to the world.
What has soccer to do with haiku? More than you would think. As we compare the world championship soccer with haiku than we see something great.
Soccer brings the world together, and haiku brings the world together as we all can see here at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. Our family of haiku-poets comes from all over the globe. We share our love for haiku as the world now does share the love of soccer.
Is there something else we have in common with the world championship soccer-players? Yes we have ... soccer is art as haiku is art. Soccer-players are the poets of the game. Will there be more we have in common? I think so, but I don't know it yet, maybe you know it!

writing haiku
while watching soccer -
two worlds together

© Chèvrefeuille

See you next time ...


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