Monday, July 21, 2014

Suikazura No Retsu #7, ''who did it?''

Who did it?

Here in The Netherlands we are still in shock. Last Thursday (July 17th) 192 Dutch citizens, and several other country's citizens, lost their lives in a brutal attack. An airplane of Malaysian Airlines was shot down, but who did it?

Ukranian rebels and separatists and Russia are pointing to eachother. As the days are passing this disaster is shown all over the News around the world and everytime again the same question is asked: ''Who did it?'' There are certainly ideas, but who ... who finally will give the answer?
First the Ukranian rebels pointed to the Ukranian separatists and vice versa. Russia is in shock and first says they will help with the investigation and bring the truth out in the open, but a day later they say not to be willing to help. Recently the Ukranian rebels have secured the spot of the shot down airplane ... so the investigations had to stop. Those rebels were screaming and shouting against the world. Shooting with their rivals while they danced on the remains holding personal belongings of the casualties in their hands above their heads. I saw one of the rebels showing a teddybear while he shoots with his gun. Awefull, this isn't right, one should think that the rebels did it, because they are celebrating on the remains.Russia remains silent and doesn't want to help anymore ... did they (the Russians) do it?
On all diplomatic and political levels high ranked people are discussing what to do. What can they do? They have to take action and bring those who did this to their knees and to justice.
And what will follow? This tragedy must have consequences for those who did it. The Dutch Government does nothing. As far as I know our Government wants to keep the friendship with Russia and the Ukraine good, because we need them for our gas and oil, we need them for our trading.
Trading looks more important for the Dutch Government than finding the answer on ''Who did it?'' All the money and power of the world will not give, those who lost beloved ones in this tragedy, comfort and peace ... no they will have to bare this tragedy their whole life ...
The question stays unanswered ... ''Who did it?'' Will it be answered? I hope so, because those who have done this must be brought to justice.

It will take time to heal, that we all know, but ... if the aggressor who did this will not be punished ... there can be no healing. The question remains ... ''Who did it?'''

the cry of an eagle
shedding its tears with the lost souls -
decaying roses

© Chèvrefeuille

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Suikazura No Retsu #6 Summerheat


Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

It's summer here in The Netherlands the temperature is rising to tropical hights around 30 degrees Celsius, the earth is starting to dry out and I have to water the garden almost everyday.
The flowers starting to decay in a fast way. It's so sad to see the decay, but ... decay is needed to bring new life. Can we look at that according to humans? I don't know. In my opinion, our bodies are just a shell, so I think that we can say that also about humans. As we die our soul is leaving our body to resurrect into another body. Yes I believe in reincarnation, but why does a soul reincarnate?
In my opinion we all have a goal in our life, maybe a kind of lesson we have to learn. That goal we have to fullfill and maybe we cannot reach that goal in just one life. So we have to prolong our goal by reincarnation. Maybe I am in my hundreds life, I don't know.
As I was a little boy I thought that I once was Alexander the Great and as I became older and wiser and discovered haiku I started to believe that I once was a haiku-poet. Haiku crossed my path and I never had heard of it, but I was immediately in love with this little poem. Maybe I am the reincarnation of a (great) haiku-poet, but where do I got that idea from? I don't know ... it will be the summer heat and maybe I have a heatstroke.
Haiku is really my passion as you all know. Several years ago I wrote a haiku, in my opinion not a masterpiece, but a lot of my readers said that it was as if it was written by Basho. A bigger compliment my readers couldn't give me.
Back to the summerheat we are in the middle of here in The Netherlands. I love summer, but I am not a fan of this heat, not in our country. If I was in Spain for example than I could stand the heat. Here in The Netherlands this kind of heat is moist and is always followed by thunderstorms and heavy rains ... they are so refreshing.

decaying flowers
the heat is unbearable
still no rain to come

© Chèvrefeuille

sunflowers reach
for the sun to expand his light
during the night

© Chèvrefeuille

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inbetween worlds
lost without translation
a silent monk

© Chèvrefeuille

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