Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Suikazura No Retsu #1 haiku-family


Here it is ... our first CDHK column Suikazura No Retsu (which means "Chèvrefeuille's Column"). I have thought this over and over again, but finally decided to do this. I hope this column will be fun to read (and of course) under-standable, because English isn't my mother tongue.
As you all know CDHK started in October 2012 and it's still alive and kicking. It's really my pleasure to be your host, notwithstanding my busy life as a father, grandfather, oncology-nurse and haiku-poet (and author of two novels).
Sometimes time is not at my side and that gives sometimes delay of posts, but ... well ... I can do a lot, but magic I don't possess.
I am always happy as I read all of your comments and compliments. Mostly positive, but sometimes criticizing, but that's no problem as you all know (I hope). I do understand your critics and I respect that.
Over all you are all positive and great family-members. Family? Are we a family? I think we are a family, not by bloodlines, but by our shared love for haiku (and other Japanese poetry-forms) and that makes me a happy host (and maybe ... your "haiku-family-patriarch").
As I wrote in one of my last posts at CDHK, we have a new month coming up with modern kigo (seasonwords) for summer based on Jane Reichhold's "A Dictionary of Haiku" (a modern Saijiki). Jane is one of the most wellknown haiku-poetesses of modern times and maybe ... one of our haiku-family-members will become that famous once. I hope for someone that will become reality.

Well ... see you next time.