Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Suikazura No Retsu #8, Be Like A Child

Be like a child ...

As I cycled to my work last evening, I am in the nightshift, I came along a street which I always come along, but now it looked so different. It was as if I saw this street for the very first time. The streetlights I had not seen earlier ... or ... , maybe the streetlights were hidden behind the leaves of the trees or I had never had the attention for those streetlights ... I don't know.

At that moment I realized that this "seeing/not seeing" was a revelation ... I had to be like a child again. I had to look at my surroundings, my neighborhood, nature with the eyes of a child. Everything I had to look at as if it was the very first time that I saw it, just like children who see with surprise e.g. the first snow, the first flower or anything else.

I had to look again to my world and I have to look again to the future of Carpe Diem ... I will look at Carpe Diem as if I saw it for the very first time ... have I reached my goals, the dream I had? Yes ... I have reached my goals and the dream I had is still alive, but ... I have to look again at all the extra features e.g. Soliloquy no Renga, Little Ones, Kamishibai ... there are to many extra and special features ... I have to reduce them and to accomplish that I have to look at Carpe Diem like a child which sees his/her world for the very first time ...

feel like a child again
nature is full of surprises -
young brown eyes

© Chèvrefeuille

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